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It can be difficult figuring out what to wear to your maternity or pregnancy session. You’re limited with what actually still fits your rapidly changing bump and online shopping can be hit and miss. 

So this little guide will help you find something that will make your photos you and you may even be able to still with items already in your wardrobe.


These form fitting dresses are great to show off just how round that bump is, without needing to show of skin. You can use these versatile and easy to find dresses in many stores, or even may have on in your wardrobe that you can stretch into.

You can make them more flattering but combing with a kimono, cardigan jacket or soft scarf.

The Summer Dress

Flowing summer dresses look feminine, soft and a little glamorous for your pregnancy photos. Super flowing dresses can be tucked and held under the belly easily to show of the shape and are again a great way to “show off” the belly without showing off skin.

T-shirts, boob tubes and bras

If you want to show off the belly and keep it casual and well just you , there is nothing simpler than taking a favorite colour t-shirt and rolling it up to show off that baby bump. your photos don’t have to be serious they can be fun too!

Saris, Scarfs and fabric

A simple scarf and create the most magical effect for your shoot. and if in doubt you can always use some fo the fabric that we have here teamed with your own strapless bra and leggings


What ever you like!

The most important thing is that you feel good and feel like you. If that means purchasing a special maternity photography outfit from Etsy or wearing that sexy lingerie or going all out with as a storm trooper, thats up to you we will encourage and try to help you, get the best from you.