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Your AirBNB Photography is one of the most important marketing assets when listing and promoting your property to holiday markers.

Your AirBNB Photography is one of the most important marketing assets when listing and promoting your property to holiday markers. 

Gone are the days of walking into a Travel Agent and browsing through glossy travel brochures to get a “feel” for holiday destinations and hotels.  

In this ever increasing digital world, information is at our fingertips with a simple google search presenting holiday makers with a myriad of vacation and accommodation options.

And with the AirBNB revolution, Travel Agents are no longer the “go to” allowing regular property investors to tap into a lucrative travel and holiday rental market.

Websites such as AirBNB, Stayz, booking.com and Wotif just to name a few, allow property investors to market their properties to the masses … but how do you make YOUR property list stand out above all the rest?

AirBNB Photography

Your AirBNB Photography and featured image of the listing is one of the first things a potential customer will see.

It needs to sell a LIFESTYLE!

And you need to help them IMAGINE themselves in your property and sell the “experience” of sitting on the deck at twilight, relaxing by the pool and enjoying all the rental has to offer.

The biggest mistake most property investors make with the AirBNB Photography is shooting the properties features … quite often with an iPhone and with no thought on lighting and styling.

If a potential customer has never been to your rental property before, the photos are the ONLY way they can determine if your property is the perfect vacation rental for them.

If you have taken photos on your phone, with poor lighting, cluttered spaces and minimal staging … does this truly “sell” all your vacation rental has to give and represent your property in the best possible way.

And how do your photos compare with a competitor’s listing who has invested in Professional AirBNB Photography that positions them as a first class holiday experience and destination.

Professional AirBNB Photography helps you get a competitive edge on these listings, stand out from the crowd and ultimately GET MORE BOOKINGS.

Tips for AirBNB Photography

Declutter Your Space

Simplicity is key! Clutter looks messy and busy in photographs. It will distract from key features you want to highlight. Remove all unnecessary ornaments and small items from all surfaces and floors. Keep decorative items to a minimum – 1 to 3 items will be more than enough.

Stage your Rental to sell an “Experience”

The most successful AirBNB listings sell an “Experience”. While holiday makers are looking to book accommodation they first and foremost have a vision in mind for the type of holiday or getaway they want. And we want them to IMAGINE what it would be like to holiday in your rental.

So how do you sell an experience? With staging!

If you have an outdoor entertaining area, stage it in a way that shows how it would feel to have a relaxing twilight gathering with festoon or fairy lights, an antipasto platter and a glass of wine on the table.

Give your bathroom spa vibes with folded towels, candles and fresh greenery -maybe even a glass of wine.

Make bedrooms feel serene with hotel quality linen, fluffed pillows, an art piece on the wall and ambient light from lamps.

Give living room areas a cozy feel by rearranging furniture to maximise flow and cushions, throw rugs, lamps, artwork and greenery to create atmosphere. 

Focus on Lighting

A poorly lit room with blown out highlights in windows and underexposed shadows will draw a viewer’s attention away from the “experience” you want to sell. 

The key is to maximise natural light as much as possible by opening up curtains and turning on all interior lights including lamps.

You may also need to utilise one or more external flashes to bounce light off walls and the ceiling to ensure the space is well lit..

Hire a professional AirBNB Photographer

Crafting the perfect AirBNB Photography that will get you more bookings is both an art and science! There are specialist Photographers who understand the psychology of selling a vacation rental and create images that help stand out in that busy AirBNB feed.

An AirBNB photographer will also have specialised equipment such as a wide angle lens, lighting and post production software to ensure your photos are magazine quality. 

And a good quality photographer will also take the time to stage your property to get the best possible result for your AirBNB Photography.

If you would like to know more about our AirBNB Photography package, Enquire Today!

AirBNB Photography Gallery

AirBNB Photography Packages

Air BNB photography victoria

Midweek Quicky - $990

Ideal for AirBNBs on a budget, but understand the value of professional photos. You will receive up to 2 hours of shooting time, a light edit and all the images from the shoot (approx. 30 to 40 images). We will capture the essential shots for each room and cover the basics required for your listing.

Destination Discovery Half Day - $1,980

Ideal for AirBNBs looking for a competitive edge and need professional photos with impact. You will receive up to 5 hours of shooting time, a light edit and all the images from the shoot (approx. 60 to 80 images). We will capture the essential shots for each room as well as the special details and points of interest that make your property unique.

Luxury Lifestyle Overnight Package - $3,690

Perfect for elevating your AirBNB to a “destination” and capturing scroll stopping photographs that standout in the AirBNB search results. The Luxury Lifestyle Overnight Package will position you to sell your accommodation as an “experience” – more than just rental. The result will be more listing views and an increase in bookings. You will receive a full branding suite which showcases a “story”. Our goal is to create images with a lifestyle and editorial feel that encourages viewers to imagine themselves holidaying in the property.

Travel – $70 per hour


Styling – $550 + Sundries

Professional Edit -$33 Per Photo

Additional Rooms – $220 per room


Based on a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and apartment or home with 1 outdoor entertaining area. A light edit includes exposure and colour correction.