After you have purchased one of our special offers or starter packs, you then have lots of options on what you would like to do with your photography to turn in into a beautiful piece of art for your home.

Enhance studios offers only the best photographic art finishes that are available in Australia. There is a large range of finishes to suit everyone, and everyone is different.

However, don’t worry, we will help you narrow down to what your favorites are at your pre-shoot consultation. This will ensure we custom design your perfect family heirloom. (check our full experience here)

Our portfolio prints start at $250. Wall art starts from $495. Collections range from $995 to $6190, which can be purchased for as little as $12 per week, with our PayRight & Lay-by options. Families tend to invest between $1000 to $7000 to achieve beautifully designed artwork on their walls.

All of your artwork comes finished and ready to display or hang, with a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget.

Below is our range of Wall Art, Albums & Momentos

[    WALL ART   ]


A laminated wood finish with a soft contemporary look. Its ALL about the photography. With no mount or glass, the laminated block mount finish & protects the image while allowing for maximum impact.

Because of this, the drift, has quickly has become our most popular looks; it works great as a single image, or even more striking as a series.

Individual art prices range from $495 – $2490

pictured is collection three  – $2490


Creating a classic photography finish, this look can be strong or subtle depending on your frame choice. Designed to draw the eye, it is perfect for both modern or traditional homes.

Featuring a crisp white mat mount, the range of natural wood frames, in classic colours, and the sleek glass finish will always look amazing.

Gallery reflection-less glass is also available.

So versatile it can be displayed as a single image, a series, or the most popular option, as multiple in one frame.

Individual art prices range from $495 – $3990

pictured is gallery 9 – $2590


A warm and stylish design, finished with a protected image in a glass-less frame. Don’t let any reflections get between you and your artwork.

The photography is finished with a smooth laminate finished in a chunky frame with a classic range of colours available.

This will bring a true touch of warmth, texture & class to your home.

Individual art prices range from $495 – $1450

pictured is 2 20×20″ pieces  – $1050 each


A modern frame with a classic feel, this finish is sure to set your photography artwork apart.

Styled with a range of deep natural wood frames, available in classic colours, and a clean glass finish.

Display as a single image, multiple in one frame, or a striking series.

Individual art prices range from $495 – $3990

Pictured is 20×20″ Gallery 4 – $1490



For a fun, original and warm feel, canvas is a modern classic photographic finish

This popular frame-less finish with lift any space, creating warmth and fun

It works great as a single image, or even more striking as a series

Individual art prices range from $495 – $2490

Picture is a 40×40″ – $1990


This is the ultimate WOW Factor! The frame-less Aspire is an ultra-modern way to present your images.

The high shine high gloss acrylic sheet combined with industrial bolts give your image more depth becoming real eye catcher.

Individual art prices range from $495 – $2740.

Pictured is collection 6 in 4 pieces – $1890


*** NEW ***

The newest way to display your art

Super lightweight metal finish with a gloss look,this has such a wow factor with minimal effort, can be hung with 3M strips

Display as a single image, or even more spectacular as a collection

Individual art prices range from $495 – $2490

pictured is collection six – 14×14″ $2690


For something totally original!

available in Alloy or Drift finishes

Pictured is a 40″ – $1990

[     ALBUMS     ]


This contemporary album is the most versatile album available. You can change the cover by swapping pieces around, take images out to frame or display using you slip-in ice block or portfolio stand. You simply cannot get bored with this album.

prices start at $2190 for 11 pages


This album sets itself apart with a beautiful acrylic cover. It is traditionally bound and mounted.

Designed to last generations

prices start at $2190 for 10 pages and cover


This clean & modern album is a fantastic and fun way to display your artwork. Tell your story from cover to cover with this contemporary and warm album.

10 pages and cover $2190

[     MOMENTOS    ]

Portfolio Collection

Most popular as a series of 14, this is a classic and simple way to get all your photographs

$250 – $3490

Slip-in iceblock

Best Purchased with a portfolio collection, this fun high gloss acrylic block gives you the freedom to swap your favorite photogrpahs in and out as you choose



Ice Block

This modern tile will give your home or office a touch of class. The image is fussed to the high gloss acrylic block giving your image a crisp, sharp look.

$450 – $550

Gift Frame

photography gift

This contemporary finish will compliment any space. Finished in a handcrafted wooden frame, it is the prefect gift for grandparents, family & friends.


Lifetime Guarantee

Because all Enhance Studios products are produced here in Australia we offer a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship of all products