Our new and existing clients are so very important to us. We are truly blessed to get the opportunity to photograph each and every person that comes through our doors, and thank them immensely for their continued support.

We encourage and look forward to getting as much feedback from our amazing clients, so please be sure to let us know about your experience at Enhance Photography Studios.

“The entire process was seamless and we felt so comfortable especially with a newborn. Big thanks to the team at Enhance Studios”

Liz & Dusko Petrovic

“The Photographer was really helpful and cheerful and we got the best photos!”

Kinnari Sutaria

“The experience was excellent, and the photos captured the kids fantastically”

Shelly Story

we loved the opportunity to incorporate our artistic ideas & see them come to life

Garvan Family

“The service was fantastic and we both really enjoyed whole process”

Sharon Fitzpatrick

“Fantastic, great, awesome.”

Marina Prior

“We weren’t pushed into anything and felt able to truly get what we wanted for us”

Kayley Eldred

“The photoshoot was fantastic and a lot of fun – the quality of the photos is amazing”

Kerryn Shrank

“The whole experience was an absolute pleasure and seeing the finished artwork was amazing”

Natalie Bowen

“We had a wonderful time capturing pieces of art that will last a lifetime.”

Zoran Kovacevic and Family

“The whole photography shoot was an absolute blast. It was so much fun and was so relaxing.”
Darren Buller

“The photographer made it an enjoyable experience.”

Mark Nelson

“My favourite part about the enhance experience was the photo shoot, the finished product and the presentation. Can’t fault it”

Scott Family

“Everything was great. Loved the team and how friendly and patient they all are”

Dominique Augustine

“It was fabulous to take a step away from conventional photography and have a more natural, lively experience. My teenage sons were very impressed with the final results.”

Christiane Deller

“The whole experience was fantastic. Such an amazing group of people to work with. Thank you for your flexibility and service”

Kareena Kapo

“The entire experience was wonderful, we had a lot of fun as a family during the photoshoot”

Dimitra Chrisikakos

“Our Photos are amazing, Karina was really patient with us including out 3 year old, I would change anything.”

Sharon Patzel

“it was perfect”

Brigid Didone

“Love the photos….. didn’t expect that photo sessions are so much fun BUT IT WAS REALLY FUN !!!! We had a fab day and good laugh…. you had captured all our special moments…. LOVE IT.”

Shirley Halim

“The Photographer was creative and understanding she responded well to us”

Greg McCann

“Awesome… talented, you really captured my family and our little Ava (12months old) just loved playing with you. We loved the whole experience!”

Laura Bione

“Great, really happy with the final product.”

Kathy Naoumidis

“The shoot was a lot of fun. And with the kids living all over Australia it was a great way to bring the family together.”

Kerryn Hayes-Rosario

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the awesome photos of my family. They are fantastic and I really appreciate your work.”

Robin Caudry

“I highly recommend Enhance Studios! The kids and us had a fabulous time!! And amazing photo’s!!”

Julia Shearer

“How comfortable and easy it was to get great photo’s”

Lauren White

“Dear Mark, I just wanted to say thank you for making our home feel complete with our amazing family portrait. We were overwhelmed by the unique and captivating photography, it was a great experience and we enjoyed your fun nature and professional service. See you in the future when the kids grow up.”

Tony, Lisa, Juliet, Lavinia, Piero Palleschi

“Our favourite part was the shoot! I loves seeing Lachine in his first shoot and ours as a family”

Rebecca Sicari

“Love it, Love It, Love it! We had the most amazing time and was so much fun. Just looking at the family shots puts a smile on my face. Thank you!”

Welsh family

“The patience and care of the photographer during the photo shoot was fantastic. It was great.”

Lars Hiemstra

“During the photo session the patience displayed was great. Our Photographer was amazing and understanding in our needs and customised the session and products for us”

Navadeepan Pillai

“A photo shoots are always fun with you guys!”

Derek Morey

“Mimosa enjoyed it so much when she was having her photograph taken and it was so fun to watch”

Yuri Fujiyama

“From start to finish I loved our whole experience and our photos are amazing as was our experience :)”

Amy Tumulty

“I can’t fault a single aspect of our whole experience so professional and friendly, service with a smile and a laugh. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ”

Phillipa Marshall