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So you’ve heard the words “personal items” and you want to know what the hell that means? and why am I bringing them to my photo session?

To put it in the words of Dr Seuss “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is Youer than You!” and it’s so important to show your you in your photos, there is only so much your smile and clothing can say, but add a skateboard, a baseball cap and your tomboy all of a sudden is so much more her.

We can’t tell you what to bring as you need to find that, but we can show you some awesome examples of what others have brought along…

Sporting Gear

Costumes / Formal outfits

Musical Items

Cultural items

Food & Drink

Seasonal Items

Toys & Books


Hobby items

Anything we didn’t think of?

We do LOVE a challenge, did you have something unique that you want to bring, something we haven’t though of or seen before… bring it. We dare you…

Above are some of the more unusual items we’ve had in the studio…

Including a 7ft tall moon, deer antlers, a pop up Dali book, duck, pirate ship, molecules, a novelists writings, and even a large tin of corks…