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Generations & Large Family Photography

Are you ready for fun and heartwarming Family Photography in Melbourne? Photography that you will look back on with a smile?

Capture the essence of what makes your family special with Enhance Studios. Situated centrally in Port Melbourne, we’re more than just a photography studio; we’re your partners in preserving memories and encapsulating moments. We believe every family is one of a kind, and our Generation Family Portrait sessions are designed to reflect just that.

Large family photography has to be the loudest, silliest, most energetic and crazy photography sessions to be enjoyed in our studio. We will, together, through out all the fun and frivolity, create the most unique photographs that your whole family will love, treasure and pass down for years to come. Bring your full family to Enhance Studios for a get-together that you will never forget.

All ages and older families

Each and every family is unique, from traditions, games, favourite treats to cooking specialties, odd sayings and genetic similarities. There are so many little things that make a family, a family. There are so many reasons to bring everyone together, but most importantly, catch them before they all leave the nest, state, or the country. Or the best excuse yet, celebrate the addition of a son or daughter in law, or capture the love for the youngest and newest family member.

Finally, at Enhance we want to capture the real you, your real family, including the quirks, traditions and habits you have as a family and the way you interact with each other. A full family experience at Enhance Studios is one you will never forget.

Authentic, Emotive & Dynamic Family Portraits

In an era of mass-produced imagery, your family deserves a portrait that’s truly unique. Our photography style is authentic, natural, and candid, aiming to capture the real essence of your family. We strive to highlight the laughter, the hugs, the sideways glances, and the pure love that makes your family truly unique. Your family is full of life, and our photos will show just that.

An Unforgettable, Fun-Filled Experience

A Generation Family Portrait session with Enhance Studios is more than just a photoshoot. It’s a 1.5 hour immersive experience filled with laughter, silliness, and memorable family moments. Imagine the most energetic and crazy family get-together you’ve ever had, now add the joy of having those moments frozen in time to treasure forever. This is what we offer at Enhance Studios, a family experience that will stand out in your memory, and that will be encapsulated in beautiful portraits for generations to come.

Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Our Starter Package is more than just a deal; it’s an investment in lasting memories. For only $375, you get a pre-shoot consultation where we understand your family dynamics, a 1.5 hour full generation family shoot, and a cinematic design session. But the rewards don’t stop there! You’ll also receive three copies of your favourite 10″x8″ family portrait and a $100 voucher towards wall art. It’s a total value of $750, making it an incredible deal for priceless memories.

We also have range of stunning Wall Art to suit all styles and budgets. Check out our gorgeous range of photographic products here.

The Enhance Studios Difference

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our satisfied clients, Shannen Genc, has to say: “Karina and her team have done an amazing job of photographing our growing family! We have had both our babies photographed with her and were beyond ecstatic with the prints. She is amazing with both toddlers and newborns at engaging them and getting that perfect smile or pose. We now have the most amazing memories captured and are forever grateful!”

Get Started Today with Enhance Studios

A family portrait from Enhance Studios isn’t just a photo; it’s a legacy. It’s the joy of a moment captured, the love of a family encapsulated, the story of generations told in a single frame. Ready to start your family’s unforgettable experience? Purchase our starter package or contact us today. We look forward to welcoming your family to Enhance Studios and capturing portraits as unique as you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Family Photogrpahy for a modern Space

Enhance Studios encourages each family member to be themselves… and that means doing what you do normally with your hair and make up.

Our photos are retouched to ensure you look your best, but most importantly we want you to look the way your kids and family will remember you…which is not with a face of professional make-up.

Yes, we do sell high-resolution digital files of whatever you have purchased from your shoot as finished products, like wall art or albums.

For example:
If you order a collection of 6 canvases on the wall and an album of 12 images, you’ll receive high-resolution JPEGs of those 18 images.

We also have digital galleries available to you where the files are retouched & prepared for print they are Hires & lo-res colour and black and white – these start at 10 images for $1490 and come with added wall art credit.

As each family is unique so is the answer to this question…

sentimental items, art, toys, there are so many options – read our blog HERE for some inspiration

or better yet, book in your complimentary pre-shoot consultation HERE and we’ll figure it out with you.

Our Studio is open Tuesday – Saturday and we even have the occasional late night session for those really busy older families.

We know the absolute HARDEST part about organising your photo session is getting everyone together (especially when organising older children and generational groups).

Always consider the youngest people first, whether a toddler is in a good or bad mood will change the outcome of your photography session drastically, so always think of the time when they will be in the best mood – ready to listen and play.

The more the merrier! We love having large families and groups of cousins and Aunties and Uncles! Anyone that you’d like in your photos, we’ll be happy to cater to. The largest group we’ve had was an extended family of 35!

HOWEVER – you cannot come to the studio just to watch… If you’re here to see how it all works, you must get into the photos and have some fun with us too! It’s important for the younger family members to see that the adults are willing participants, it helps them understand to listen to the photographer, ensuring we all have fun and enjoy the time in the studio.

There is no quick answer to this question, every family is unique, just like every photo session.

However if you need some inspiration I recommend looking at our blog HERE or simply checking our portfolio above!

For more tailored advice to your individual family needs, simply book in a pre-shoot consultation, which is complimentary and can be booked online – HERE

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Don’t just take out word for it!

newborn photography toddlers girl and boy family photography melbourne

"Karina and her team have done an amazing job of photographing our growing family! We have had both our babies photographed with her and were beyond ecstatic with the prints. She is amazing with both toddlers and newborns at engaging them and getting that perfect smile or pose. We now have the most amazing memories captured and are forever grateful!"

Shannen Genc

toddler photography melbourne mum in dark blue shirt photography melbourne

"An amazing and fantastic experience from start to finish. Nothing was too much to ask for, staff made the whole photo shoot fun and easy. We were unsure what artwork to go with but the staff were honest and truthful. Beyond happy with the whole experience and would recommend without hestiantance"

Bianka Marsh

family photography melbourne newborn toddler boy

"We have had a few photoshoots now and for our newborns/toddlers and it doesn't matter how quirky our requests are, we are always blown away by the results. We have such a great time and the photos always turn out amazing..."

Claudio Ramos

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