This is the Collyer Family, these little girls only see their grandmas occasionally, as she lives in the UK – so when they spend time with her it is really special, and grandma of course likes to spoil them and get a little naughty.

After a bath its tradition for Grandma to wrap up the girls in the towel and swing the around, its pretty wild and crazy and the girls love it, in fact the eldest, though a little big was sneaking grandma off to do it so that Mum didn’t see.

Grandmas are very special people in our lives they have some authority over our Mum’s but seem to be so willing to do what we want! I remember my Grandma always giving us endless hours of back scratches with her long nails, she was always very well presented and her nails were always long well manicured and perfect for back scratch.

Its nice to know those little things that Grandma does with us that we remember and treasure are also the things that they remember and treasure. And this Grandmother certainly has a cheeky sparkle in her eye just like her Granddaughters.

– Karina