My Baby Blue Project

Help us raise over $3000 for Rivers gift – Australia’s solely SIDS focused charity, dedicated to funding world leading scientific research, providing safe sleep education & raising awareness.


Families who have been touched by SIDS and/or would like to donate to River’s Gift

Have you or your family been touched by SIDS?

Has someone you know been touched by SIDS?

Are the kids growing faster than you can keep up with?

Do you treasure your family and love making time with them?

Kids are only kids for so long, slow down and create some memories to last forever.

Why the My Baby Blue Project?

In North America and Europe blue represents trust, security, and authority, and is considered to be soothing and peaceful. … In Eastern cultures, blue symbolizes immortality, while in Ukraine it denotes good health. In Hinduism blue is strongly associated with Krishna, who embodies love and divine joy.

Every photo becomes a treasured memory. Moments when you are enjoying each other are precious and priceless and should be documented to remember the now.

So many people are affected by the ripple effect of SIDS and it’s devastating impact. The blue of the River’s gift logo is to remind us that there are people out there trying striving for this puzzle to be solved, to prevent SIDS from happening to another family ever again.

Why Rivers Gift?

River’s Gift evolved from a simple pledge following the death of River Waddell to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in November 2011. This pledge was to Stamp Out SIDS and ensure that no other parent would endure the pain and suffering of the unexpected and unexplained loss of their precious child..  

Rivers Gift is run by an average Aussie family, Alex and Karl. They have been friends of Karina and Enhance Studios’, since before they lost River in 2011. There family’s story touched us directly, and we would love to help them continue to do their great work.

How do you become apart of the project?

To be part of the project there is a $50 session fee (normally $150) and this will be donated directly to Rivers Gift. This guarantees that you, your families or children’s image will also be included in our Little Baby Blue Photo Book.

The sessions will be photographed Tues – Friday at our studio in South Melbourne.

The theme of the book is my baby blue – blue is to be used in each image for our book, this could be used in clothing, hair ribbons, nail polish, or our blue background.. what ever you choose, we will ensure that the blue stands out for River’s Gift.

Complete the details below to apply to be part of the book, as we are looking for a range of families’ couples and individuals we will be in contact to let you know if your application was successful, and collect your $50 donation

this is not essential to be selected – but will help us build some stories for our magazine