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Digital files vs. Printed Photos
Value vs. cost

Did you know that as a population we take more photos than ever before? With the rise of camera phones, we are amazing at documenting the special moments of our lives, our children’s lives and also, the not so special moments of all the food we eat!

However, when was the last time you admired a photo you took more than a month after it was taken? Or the last time you printed a photograph that you love?

Digital photography saturates our lives to the point that we don’t print anymore, we just text the family so they can admire, or we post to Instagram and Facebook (seeking those hearts and thumbs up’s) but after a few days the photo is lost into the archive of your phone, sent to “the cloud” and pretty much forgotten about.

So, does that mean that this generation of children, although photographed more than ever, are to be forgotten? Without a physical print we are risking our photos on “the cloud”, USB, digital hard drives (the equivalent of what was once floppy disks and CD’s, now obsolete). How do you access someone else’s “cloud”, what if something happens and they have an accident or god forbid, pass away?

You don’t need to print every photo… after all, the hundreds of photos that you took of your food while on holiday in Vietnam are great for your Instagram followers but not for a photo album. But the shot of you and your family at sunset on the beach clearly relaxed and having fun – that is a memory you want to look back on, to keep and to share.

The cost of keeping a digital file is relatively cheap compared to printing everything, but the value that you will have from being able to look back at those memories easily is worth it. Being able to look at the wall and feeling cheered up by a good memory on a bad day? That is of immeasurable value.


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