Two Weeks old or Three Months old?

Cute baby butt photo with toys

What is the best age to photograph a baby? When it comes to photographing your newborn baby, we always suggest coming into the studio sometime within the first two weeks. For newborn photography, these two weeks are crucial in creating those beautiful sleepy poses that families love getting of their newborn child.

We’re sure you’ve heard us, or other photographers, talk about those first two weeks of a newborn’s life, but what happens when you can’t come into the studio during that time? Will you miss out on capturing a beautiful moment with the newest member of your family? Not at all!

Whether you come in for that beautiful newborn stage or you have to wait a couple of months, when your baby is all smiles, we will always capture those beautiful moments of your little one.

Let us break it down for you!





Newborn – Within 2 Weeks

Newborn photography within the first two weeks comes with many benefits, which is why it is always suggest when wanting true newborn baby photos!

Within the first two weeks, they are so incredibly sleepy! Especially in our studio where we can ‘control the weather’ by keeping it nice and warm for the little one to feel relaxed. When they’re sleepy, we are able to get them in those magnificent poses that you see on our website! They’re truly so small at this age, and after two weeks they start changing so fast! Which is why this is what we opt for when possible, so that we can really capture, that stage.





Babies – 30ish Days old

At 30 days of age to photograph a sleeping baby is hit and miss. You may get some peaceful sleeping shots. But because the baby is three months old, they are so much more alert, with so much more personality. Which means we can capture a whole array of different photos!

Even at 30 days, you get a selection of different expressions, and some added sleepiness!


3 – 6 mths



Babies – 3-6 months old

This is the point in your child’s life where they start to respond more, the smile when you say their name, and you can see their personalities starting to form. They start discovering their toes and they just want to touch everything! These moments become more playful and fun, which is an incredible thing. We can even attempt having your little one sitting up, or crawling around! It’s a different type of photo that’ll be captured, but it will absolutely be just as beautiful.


Sitter babies are ever further into their personalities -this age can definitely vary anything from 7- 9 months, but they are getting more independent and more attached to specific toys and music.

This is the point where babies are close to toddlers. Accessories are important in these shoots, hats sunglasses cute fun out fits and cool costumes you child may be taking some steps with you holding their hands, but it’s not long after this that they become a really little kid and busy doing their own thing!

Whether it’s two weeks, thirty days or three months, there’s so much variety in what we can do!

Family Photography with little baby. Photographed by Enhance Photography Studios

You are going to want to capture your family no matter what! In the end, even if you have to wait a couple of months, we will still be able to get those beautiful shots, that you will love and cherish for years to come. They may be a little different from our usual newborn shots, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t capturing a beautiful stage in your child’s life.

You definitely won’t miss out!