1: Experience

Does your photographer have experience in the field? It’s always a good idea to ask how long they have been in the business for and even ask or visit their site to see previous work examples!

2: Working With Children Check

All individuals working with children are required to hold a working with children’s check so before your session ALWAYS ensure your photographer has one and ask for their reference number, or to see a copy of their card.

3: Comfort

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a photo-shoot, you can feel it and see it in your photogrpahs, so before your session, make sure you’ve met your photographer and are comfortable with them before the session.

4: Saftey

Is your photographer trained to handle and pose newborns safely and correctly? Many poses are not what they seem and can potentially be dangerous if not performed correctly hence why it is imperative that the photographer knows an understands safety procedures ensuring all babies are safe at all times.

5: Style

Does your photographer have the style you are looking for? To ensure no disappointments it is always recommended to look over your potential photographers previous work and see if it suits you.


When is the best time to bring in your newborn for photos? This is a frequently asked question and the answer is the sooner the better, preferably within the first two weeks! Newborns grow so quickly so its ideal to photograph them early when they are still very sleepy and tiny.                                                                        

7: Finishes

Before jumping into something and then realizing that the photographer you have chosen doesn’t actually provide the product you are looking for make sure you read their product guide, for example: You could be after some artwork to hang in your home but to later be disappointed as your photographer only provides digital files on a USB, etc.

8: Health

Ensure your photographer is vaccinated, newborns are susceptible to diseases as they aren’t able to be vaccinated until they are roughly 2 months old, so it is imperative that the photographer presents no risk to your baby’s health. Does your photographer have a plan if they fall sick? Newborns should not be handled by anyone who is not well.